About Us

Are you faced with:
  • A competitor with a me-too product?
  • Saturation of a geographical area or market?
  • Slow sales growth?
  • A great product, but no sales experience?

With ten years of providing sales and marketing support, backed up by practical, hands-on experience and success, our expertise, honesty and people-focused approach can dramatically increase sales opportunities.

The more focused and aggressive your business is now, the greater your ability to ride the bad times as well as the good.

Your Third Eye in the Marketplace

We can help you get a product off the ground and into the right market. With specific projects, or on-going campaigns, our practical experience and ability to network enables us to look at every aspect of marketing and sales within a business.

Access2Markets can provide:
  • Focus to your business
  • Support and encouragement to your sales team
  • Practical help by way of sales lead generation, branding and marketing

Our people have successful, hands-on experience, working in senior roles for multinational companies. We have been actively involved in creating, running and advising start-up companies. We can offer presentational and organisational skills, finance and people management. We organise sales training conferences, ranging from small sales seminars, to motivational and networking opportunities.

Working alongside your teams, and providing you with practical support and access to additional resources and opportunities, together we create focused, winning strategies, extra sales and extra profit.

Contact us for a free, friendly and honest discussion!