Focused Lead Generation

For a specialist contractor SME within the Construction Industry, Access2Markets provided the existing sales force with qualified leads and opportunities, which allowed the organisation to spend more time on the road selling, and in front of clients discussing specific projects. Over a two-year period, sales in a defined, focused market, tripled. Access2Markets’ services included follow-up and tracking of leads.

“We recognised that we needed more qualified sales leads. A2M identified new business areas for us, and helped us to strengthen our existing base. They are great to work with, and come highly recommended!”

Andrew Hazlehurst
Managing Director
Deccon Ltd

With our expertise, we can identify your sales opportunities.

Working in partnership with you, we can provide your sales team with qualified leads and opportunities in your market. We can define:

  • your market sector
  • your minimum/maximum project size
  • your geographical coverage, and
  • at what stage within the process you get involved.

By introducing a bespoke sales database and running it for you, the sales management of your company is maximised. With the ability to monitor the progress of the entire sales force, conversion rates, productivity and sales are increased.

Access2Markets’ leading force helps organisations release their latent power. We have helped all types of organisations, big and small. We are confident that we can help you, too.

Your Third Eye in the Marketplace

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